Before You Buy an iPad – Things You Need to Know

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It isn’t cheap to buy an iPad. This is why, before you set out to shop for one, you should know at least the basic information about this gadget.

The iPad is the Apple product that has set the trend ipad trade in value in tablet computers. If you’ll go to the stores today, you’ll find most probably find them selling the iPad 2, which is the second generation of this product. This edition was introduced early last year, 2011.

Compared to the first edition, iPad 2 is much sleeker and faster. The tablet is made thinner by about 33 percent from the original body design. It also has a speedier dual core Apple A5 processor.

It is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models. And this is one of the first things you need to decide on. You need to know the capacity that you need for whatever purpose you need the iPad for. If you’re into a lot of multimedia files, it would be ideal for you to have the one with the largest hard drive – the 64 GB model.

Also, each model is equipped with a Wi-fi connection, but if you need to have a 3G network access, that’s something else you need to determine. 3G uses the very same signals you use for mobile phones. An iPad with both Wi-Fi and 3G connections enables you to connect through your iPad even without Wi-Fi hotspots like when you’re in transit. So, if you’re always on the go, it would be good to have a 3G access available. Having a 3G access in your iPad, of course, means additional cost.

In the US, you can get your 3G connection from AT&T, which is the official carrier for Apple in the country. In fact, you can hook up with AT&T by using the iPad you bought without having to go to an AT&T or Apple center.

When you buy an iPad in Australia, however, you can get your 3G access from Optus, Telstra, or Vodafone. In the UK, you can secure 3G from Orange, O2 or 3, aside from Vodafone. After getting your SIM card from the Apple store or from the carrier, you just need to install it and use the activation process in your device or contact the carrier.

Lastly, perhaps, the easiest decision to make would be in choosing the color of your iPad 2. You’ve got only two color options to think about – white or black. It also comes in a new self-cleaning case was also launched by Apple, available in a range of colors.