Audrey Gellman Provides a Short Glimpse of Her Career In Politics

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Politics have always been a popular career option among intelligent and socially aware individuals. Audrey Gellman was one of many youngsters in the United States who made it a decision to join politics in the future quite early on. Audrey belongs to a family that was quite politically aware, and was majorly inspired to join the world of politics subsequent to the 2000 Supreme Court decision in the contested presidential election. She went on to work as a junior aide at Hillary Clinton’s 2008’s presidential election and left Oberlin College early. However, after her defeat, Audrey came back and completed her degree in political science at New York University.

Audrey’s political career majorly took off after she joined Scott Stringer’s team.  Initially, she joined his team as a deputy press secretary, but then became the political spokesperson for his campaign when he ran for the post of New York City comptroller in 2013.  Stringer was running against Eliot Spitzer, who was a much more prominent candidate back then. Spitzer held a seemingly insurmountable lead in the polls in the initial stages, and hence it became crucial for Stringer’s team to find out ways to turn the tide into their favor. They were ultimately successful in doing so, and the efforts of Audrey Gellman were instrumental in this regard. She coordinated his media strategy, and significantly helped in developing his brand among the most influential New Yorkers.

She carefully and competently managed his social media outreach, with the aim of establishing Mr. Stringer as a dynamic political opponent who was perfect for taking up the influential position of a comptroller. Audrey Gellman especially helped Scott Stringer’s campaign quite a bit by organizing a highly successful fundraising event at the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea. Even though this party was meant to be a political fundraiser, it looked similar to a Fashion Week event. The fundraiser was attended by several eminent individuals, ranging from nightclub managers and designers to even actors like Lena Dunham. Audrey and Lena have been friends for a long time. She in fact met Lena when she was 11, and had even made several appearances on Dunham’s popular show “Girls.” The presence of Lena and several others influential celebrities significantly helped this event to get an impressive media coverage, which in turn boosted the profile of Mr. Stringer’s campaign.

During Stringer’s campaign, with her impressive work ethic and competency, Audrey Gellman managed to build a reputation as an intelligent and savvy spokesperson.  She established her name as a rising political and cultural figure.  Her contribution to Stringer’s campaign itself has been immense. She developed strong relationships with local political reporters during this phase, brought in multiple A-list supporters to the campaign, and even fought for it through many Twitter skirmishes. Her efforts were ultimately rewarded as Stringer won the democratic nomination for the comptroller role.